Production Process and Technology

Precision and advanced testing instruments


We have adopted advanced 2D, 3D, finite element simulation, mold flow analysis and other software to achieve product design, tooling and mold design; A powerful mold development center can promptly and quickly develop various tooling and molds for product requirements. The complete process chain of casting, processing, and surface treatment enables rapid development of new products. The raster scanning technology of shining3D Scanner 3D scanner is used for reverse modeling of parts, and combined with rich product types and production experience, reverse development of products is carried out.


Electroplating Nickel+Silicon Carbide Composite Plating Technology

The advantages of nickel plating and silicon carbide composite electroplating technology are reflected in its replacement of cylinder liners to achieve lightweight, low fuel consumption, and environmentally friendly production. Our company currently has an environmentally qualified electroplating factory. The Ni+SiC fully automatic cylinder electroplating production line adopts advanced immersion electroplating technology for the first time in China, replacing the traditional immersion process. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, stability, and cost reduction, and is an advanced electroplating process in the international industry.



This process has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high mechanical performance, and is widely used in garden machinery, large displacement motorcycles, aerospace and other fields. It has a good market prospect, and will help promote the rapid development of Military-civil fusion in this industry.