About us

Intelligent Equipment

Having a complete set of advanced equipment and process flow for mold design and production

Huawei Juquan

Equipped with advanced aluminum alloy pressure casting equipment (Toshiba, LK, Buhler, Yizumi etc), gravity casting equipment (self-made), intelligent automated robot casting equipment, and evaluated CQI-9 through the global heat treatment system

Huawei Juquan

It has advanced CNC processing equipment (Mazak, WIA,FANUC, Yongjin, Longze etc), machining technology and honing technology


With surface treatment processes such as Ni+Sic composite electroplating, hard anodizing, chemical tin plating, and trivalent chromium treatment, we provide customers with various surface treatment processes for product performance

Huawei Juquan

You are welcome to contact us if you need further discussion about parts design or process development for if any special requirement on the parts performance.