Huawei Juquan looks forward to your joining

Huawei Ju provides a vast sky for talents to soar and spread their wings. We sincerely welcome more insightful people to join us and work together to create a better future, as the vast sea allows fish to leap and the sky allows birds to fly!

Huawei Juquan

Talent concept

We adhere to the people-oriented business philosophy and always regard talent as the foundation of entrepreneurship, competition, and development for enterprise development. The company has become a highland for talent gathering with its effective incentive mechanism, open career development space, excellent talent growth environment, and people-oriented corporate culture concept.

Huawei Juquan

Salary and benefits

We offer competitive salaries and dynamic reward compensation based on position, company, and individual performance.

Huawei Juquan

Employee activities

We also provide various welfare support to create a better life for you.